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Title:1,001 Lightyears Entertainments
Format Type:Ebook
Author:David Loeff
Publisher:Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN 13:
Number of Pages:240
Category:Science fiction, Fantasy

1,001 Lightyears Entertainments by David Loeff

PDF, EPUB, MOBI, TXT, DOC 1,001 Lightyears Entertainments During humanity s exodus from Earth centuries ago starships scattered in all directions throughout the galaxy Along with passengers those starships brought humanity s ancient literature During the upheavals preceding the Galactic Commonwealth s creation that literature was largely lost Stories once known as the Arabian Nights survived corrupted and transfigured as folklore on neglected barbarian worlds These stories recently rediscovered are those told by starfaring visitors to the galaxy s forgotten worlds .

The Stories a Sampling The Jinn They ruled Thaj long before men arrived Now there will be war .

Elgelt A girl with a rough homelife A blue alien is her best friend .

Aubwoo Yesterday he was the most respected poet in the land Today harnessed like a camel they lead him around the women s quarters Will he be executed or find a way to freedom .

Prince Kazal When he seeks shelter in a desert cave a beautiful woman shows him her unusual collection .

Hekaib Although the general rule is to arrive early for appointments make an exception when the appointment is with Death .

Kasiya Unless the king believes his story Kasiya will lose his head Can an old dog teach the king new tricks

City of Endless Night, Dark in Death

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